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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Junk mail and other thoughts

I picked up my mail the other day, I do that every month or 6 weeks. I had three pieces of junk mail from Jimmy Swaggert, it had been some time since I got junk mail.

I have a friend who likes junk mail, she gets a lot of  mail every day.

A week's worth of catalogs
I don't usually get much mail, I've gone paperless as much as I can, banks & credit unions do it, most every one does it. I just went back to State Farm for my car insurance, they don't do it. Yet.

Fall is here, really here. The leaves are changing colors and falling everywhere... It looks good!

This was in southern Tennessee 

The fall vandweller southeast get together (SE GTG) & pig roast happened, we were there for 6 days. A pleasant time was had and the solar panel at the end of an extension cord did the job in that treed area.

Camp & kitchen set up by Tumbling Creek

The way the pig was cooked was really different. It was cut into pieces & covered with rub, set on a rack over hardwood coals and covered with half a metal drum,  from time to time the cover was removed and the meat turned. A thermometer & the odor of the cooked meat told us when it was done. It was really good, my compliments to the Chef Robert!

The pork being covered up

There is something basically "good" about nice weather for camping, an evening campfire, good folk & roasted meat!

camp fire

There will be several roving get togethers over the winter in Florida if you're interested plus the RTR in Arizona in January.

On a side note....
When I started this blog I told myself that I was going to stay away from my personal life, politics & religion.
I'm glad there was a pig roast to talk about!


  1. I get so much junk mail it makes me crazy, in particular from "flippers" wanting to buy my Houston house. All because in the tax rolls it shows an owner with an out-of-town address...grrr!!!

    I can understand one staying away from religion and politics on a blog...but your personal life? That is really what makes your blog...or at least it does mine.

    1. You have a real valuable point there... I'm a private person but you're right about making a blog personal.

      More thought is needed there, thank you.

  2. very little better than a meat roast and a campfire.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. BTW, I love your header picture.

    1. There were so many nice sunsets in that part of Arizona... Thank you.

  4. Hmm, yummy ...and a great time was had by all. I loved camping when young and agile.

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