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Thursday, August 11, 2016


After I downsized I headed south down the west coast, hung a left at I-10 in Santa Monica and put Zanoni Missouri in my GPS.

Head east from the pier and you'll hit I-10 right quick!

 I spent a few days with a friend then headed for Raccoon Creek WMA in northern Alabama for my first SE GTG.

The WMA sign

It's a Vandweller thing, a get together & it's in the south east rather than the gatherings in Arizona.

The camp

Camp with a good shot of the rain fly

more vans
It's a camp out for people who live in vans-RVs or think it's a good idea. Most the SE GTG is talked about on facebook, some talk in the Vandweller or vandwell-construction groups on Yahoo. This may even be mentioned in the cheaprvliving forum, I don't spent enough time there to really know.

I met several people in person who I'd know on the internet for years & years.
Cuzzin Dick, the gentleman who set this up

I've known SJ from the homestead list days in the early  90's

I met others I was familiar with from facebook & the internet groups and a bunch of new folk.
Sitting around the fire

I made some new friends and at least one amazing new personal relationship.

My life changed after meeting Karen!

Karen & I at the beach

Sitting around the campfire BSing... at least coffee in the morning & often something to eat by a kind soul (or 4) for the group.

Sitting around the fire

The rain tarp

sitting around the fire

The Tennessee river & some fishermen

View from under the rain tarp

This was right on the Tennessee river, the place was popular with local fishermen and there was barge traffic to admire. Once even a Coast Guard river tender went by on it way to maintaining the navigation aids on the river. (I spent 21 years in the USCG so I have a soft spot for all the working coasties I see).

Walks around the WMA were always enjoyable with a wide variety of wildlife sighting possible. I saw deer, turtles, ants & lot's of different birds.

The river along the road

Fields along side the other side of the road

Lot's of wet too!

A great time, a great place and exceptional people.

Nice sunsets


  1. What a neat post. I have followed the vandwellers group for a couple of years now. Maybe one day I will finally get my van fixed and embark on short trips.

    Congratulations on the new relationship.

    1. Thank you Ms Belinda! It would be nice to see you one of the vandweller gatherings, a nice bunch of people.

      I'm planning on going to the SE Fall GTG in Tennessee in Oct & to the RTR in Quartzsite Arizona in January.

  2. Hi Rob! I didn't know that you had a blog. Putting it on my reading list!

    Thanks for the Mount St Helens link. See you in Jan. at the RTR!

    1. Thank you for the visit! For while I was saving screen shots from the St Helens webcam, a slide show of the seasons.

      I'm aiming for Arizona this january, I really enjoyed it last year.
      See you then!