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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I lay in bed and see the mountains start to turn light, the sun is still a ways from breaking the mountain top and shine its warm light on this not too warm van I'm sleeping in.

Sunrise in Arizona

But when I look over I can see my solar controller's panel light is glowing ... the solar panel is making electricity... this is magic!

The MPPT solar controller with the panel light on!
I sit here in the desert, the middle of nowhere and the sunshine gives me electricity! 

Panel sitting in the morning sun light

Power to watch movies on my laptop, run my led lights or even charge my battery powdered drill!

IF this is not magic than I AM living in the golden age...

Seems a shame to get real with this and look behind the curtain but I have to...

I bought the 100w panel from a shop in Redding Calif, I saw their ad on craigslist, it was $90. The Tracer 20a mppt solar controller was from Amazon & set me back $109. The two 12v batteries came from Walmart, they are marked "122 amp hour" & were just under $90 each.
There is some wire involved, fuses and such too.

I have not mounted it on the roof yet (more cost there). I am tilting towards the sun and connecting the panel to the controller with my 50' extension cord.

It works great.... Magic!

Sunset over the Colorado river

If I'm going to mention "man made" magic I really have to acknowledge the magic created by Mother Nature


  1. I do like my solar and using it. By Monday back on solar again and it is not too soon.

  2. What model number batt did you get? I have not found a 122 ah batt at Walmart today.

    1. Ever Start Deep Cycle Power
      29DC part number
      845 marine cranking amps
      122 amp hours @ 1amp
      The barcode number is 05388 02657

      These are from the top sticker, I can look at the front if you need more numbers but I have to pull the battery from the box to do that.

      I saw these batteries at stores in WA & Oregon but they were often sold out.

      Let me know if you need more...

    2. Thank you. that will do perfectly for my need.

  3. The river picture is gorgeous! Glad you are enjoying winter.