A Padre Island sunrise

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bitch bitch bitch

I'm still in Washington state, waiting for a family duty & the delivery of a package. It's been some kind of wet! Not warm anymore either, I've been wearing a sweatshirt AND a Gortex raincoat.
(I bought that Gortex raincoat when I started this venture, I thought a good rain coat was not a bad idea. That turned out to be a good decision.)

I am ready to head south, the weather in Quartzsite has been looking good!

The fuel prices are not bad either!

Complaining about the weather has always struck me as silly and I'm aware of that, however ....

It's never stopped me!

Trying to keep a blog current is a lot of work! It's days after I wrote this & I'm still in Washington but I'm on my way south!


  1. Hurry back to the South, while today was a little gray and cool in the morning...next week is going to be fabulous and sunny :)

    P.S. The trees have not lost their leaves yet or changed colors. Well at least not in Del Rio.

    1. I'm in Oregon now & will be heading farther south later this week but it's going to be next year before I get that far south! :-)

      The trees are changing around here & the leaves are falling, at least one place I spent some time at already had that "looks really different" look about it!

      Enjoy your winter MsBelinda!