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Thursday, October 22, 2015


I'm here in Washington at my daughter's for a small bit of time, I'm waiting for her baby so I really don't know how much time. 
Waiting for a baby is like that.  

Fall is here too, no doubt about it. I've been wearing long pants for a week now & I thought about shoes & socks once today.  In my book that means it's time to head south!

The leaves are starting to change

I do have time to think, one of my thoughts is about replacing my van. The engine uses a lot of oil & I have no idea show many miles are on it as the odometer rolls over to zero every 100,000 miles. 

It's a diesel so changing the engine is more than a bit pricey.

My current '87 Ford E250

I looked at the money available, what I'm doing with the van I have, what they have on the local craigslist and what "I" want.  

I have a confession to make, I'm a VW guy. I want another Volkswagen van.

My '87 Vanagon, sold years ago

I do have more room in my E250 than I would in a Vanagon, more power, more looking "normal" but I still keep thinking of a Vanagon. 
In the past when the "Volkswagen" thoughts get too much I end up looking for one.

I put an ad on craigslist to see if anyone wants to swap a Vanagon for my '87 E250 diesel powered van.

 It's a long shot but nothing ventured nothing gained!

Once I traded a Dodge pick up for a travel trailer, we were both happy with the deal. Another time I offered to trade a Jeep for a Vanagon but had no takers, I ended up selling the Jeep & used that money to buy a Vanagon, that '87 Vanagon in the photo.

It feels funny putting my home up for a trade....


  1. I love Vanagons too and if I were handy with tools I would not hesitate to buy one...there in lays the problem :(

    At least you are in an area with an actual Craigs List. I know you will find something that suits your needs.

    Has the baby arrived yet?

    1. For a vanagon these days you have to be handy with tools or have deep pockets!
      It's good to hear from you again Ms Belinda!

      Yes, he was born last Friday evening! 8lb,2 oz! Mother & son are doing well!
      Thank you!