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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rules for traveling

I didn't like my last blog, this is the first time that's happened. Lets try it again.

I spent years traveling from here to there, stopping for the 'giant ball of string' or to smell the roses was not part of the plan.

Since I retired I have tried to change 'how' I travel... Driving long distances & lot's of hours just does not happen any more but I still have to force myself to stop for the 'giant ball of string'.

I have grandpa duties at the end of this month watching my grandson while his mom has another!  After that I'm free to find better winter weather.

My plan is to head south visiting the rest of my kids, grand kids, my cousin & family, my sister and some old friends. Ending up in Quartzsite Arizona come January for all the RV stuff going on.

After that .... I feel obligated to mosey down to the navy RV facilities on Key West. Mosey because I'm "forcing" myself to travel slowly, but do I really have to?

Key West via the coast

In Memphis Tennessee there is a hamburger place where they deep fry them, I saw it on a cooking show & it really looked good.        Dryer's Deep Fried Burgers

I sit here telling myself I cannot just leave Quartzsite and boogie off to Memphis!

Key West via Memphis

Or can I?

I guess as long as my problems are of this nature things are not too bad....

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