A Padre Island sunrise

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What will they think in 2,000 years?

I stopped at the Stonehenge full sized replica that sits on a bluff over looking the Columbia river in Maryhill Washington
Maryhill Washington

I wonder what people will think it was for in 2000 years?

If you're ever out that way there is a real pleasant state park on the Washington side and COE dispersed camping on both sides of the river up by the John Day dam.

John Day dam from the WA side

Some of the Oregon side COE dispersed camping

Dispersed area on the Washington side

There is a lot of space for camping. There is native fishing, trains, barges, windsurfers and other traffic to watch on the river.

Look for Rufus Oregon on your map 


  1. Nice to see the "paddlewheeler" is still running. Never did get a chance to ride it. But I did get to paddle a canoe on the Columbia once.

  2. If you ride bicycles, the rail trail along the Deschutes River is a fantastic ride.

    1. Rail trail & the Deschutes river... I'll take a look, thanks!

    2. http://www.traillink.com/trail/deschutes-river-railbed-trail.aspx
      North Oregon is full of really nice places.