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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pizza Pizza!

I was going to do a blog on tools today. Pliers and vice-grips, ply bars and screw drivers, Harbor Freight and Sears. As much as I like tools I love pizza too and ended up with a pizza blog. -Shrug-

A box of tools, 8"x8"x24" and the tool you want is on the bottom
but the box stows really nice

Once I discovered that Little Caesars had a 'ready to go pizza' for $5 (Rockport Texas, the winter before last) I had to try it. In my opinion that's not a bad pizza!

This is a Little Caesars ad

Since that first time I've been know to go around the block & come back when I drove past a Little Caesars .... well I had to be hungry & have a $5 bill in my pocket too. The point is I think their $5 pizza is worth the time to stop, even go back & stop!

Today we were back in town & I stopped at Walmart for a can of coffee, it's the 1st of the month & I'm running low. I really don't want to run out of coffee!

My coffee
 Walking to the checkout I passed a rack of ready to heat $5 Walmart pizza.

This is Walmart, no doubt they heard I'd go around the block for a $5 pizza from Little Caesars and Walmart will do what they can to get my $5. In this case they put the pepperoni pizza right next to where I had to walk.
It was lunch time... it was hot & ready to go (the sign said so!), it was 'only' $5.... we bought one.

The box!
The pizza

Now I understand about Walmart, I buy my coffee there because of the price, I buy lot's of stuff there because of the price. I don't use the Walmart house brand Shake-n-Bake because of the taste, it's cheaper but just not as good, same with the fresh doughnuts but the house brand salad dressing works just fine for me.
It's trial & error in the Walmart brands.

Back to the pizza.
Years ago we took one of our kids to Chucky Cheese for a birthday (don't remember who, the oldest kid is 40 & my baby is 23) the kids had fun & I tried the pizza.
Just that one time I tried the pizza, not good, memorable in how not good it was.

This Walmart $5 pizza reminded me of that trip to Chucky Cheese all those years ago.
It was not really that bad, I even ate it, so did the dog but Chucky Cheese was the only thing I had to compare is to.

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  1. Hello stop in from Mr Rat. I too don't like running out of coffee. I see your from Eugene Oregon. I have a son and his wife lives in Medford.
    Hope you find time to stop by for some coffee