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Monday, August 24, 2015

I can't say I haven't seen anything...

It's been awhile again since I posted, it's been personally an eventful couple of months but there has not been a damn thing I can point my finger at and say "that was a worthwhile observation, worth passing along".

Ft Vancouver and Mt Hood
I moved my van's spare tire to the outside, hanging on the rear door. That went ok.

The spare tire is outside!

I changed my steering gear box. That went ok after I got my brain in gear.

It's heavy

I redid the bed in the van, got a futon mattress from Ikea for it. That works but not like I wanted it to.

This is bed #3

I picked up a plastic chest of drawers, put a sink in, built a kitchen & shelves. That went ok, took some readjusting as I went along but it ended well.

I worked with a table saw in a place with enough room to really enjoy it. That went really well, I'd forgotten how good woodworking left me feeling.

I went to the beach. That's always good, the ocean is a special place.

A Washington beach

I walked across a really noisy bridge into Portland Oregon and back to Vancouver Washington. The walk was nice, the weather was great and the vehicles made a lot of noise on the bridge.
Walking on the bridge

Bridge from the distance
On the bridge
I was pulled over by an unmarked SUV. I hate seeing those flashing lights behind me... just hate it.

[no pictures of the cop in uniform or his very unmarked car]

I made plans for the winter. My plans for this year up to now have not survived my reality very well but I keep trying. It'll be better next month, I'm sure of it!
My winter plans are to dress like this
All of this was 'ordinary', everyday things, nothing noteworthy.


  1. Replies
    1. I hope I can pull it off this year!

  2. Even down here in the south, it can get too cold for those shoes. Hope it doesn't his coming winter.

    1. The winter before last I was in Rockport Texas, the ice/cold never quite made it to Rockport but it was not shorts & flip flop weather.
      When I looked at the temp contour map I could see the temp line I wanted in southern Florida.
      Maybe reality will let me find out this year? I'll know in 6 months! :-)

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