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Friday, April 10, 2015


My traveling in the RV to this point had been mostly going from one place to another to workcamp. Part of that was the 'work habit' and the abundance of workcamping opportunities, another big part was the 6 mpg the RV gets.

Time for some changes...

I parked the RV for awhile & picked up a full sized 1987 Ford van, an E250 powered by a 6.9 International diesel engine. We have the camping equipment. The seats are gone, the curtains are hung and it's being turned into a camping vehicle with the plan to just travel and camp for awhile.

Floor and insulation in
Built the bed frame
Got the plywood cut at Home Depot on the way out of town

I turned 62, signed up for Social Security & bought an "America The Beautiful" "Senior Pass" for free entry into the national parks & half priced camping at federal campgrounds.
My ticket to the National Parks & Monuments!

Right now we on a shake down cruse... taking care of some personal things, readjusting the inside of the van & visiting relatives.


  1. You are going to try camping on the light side, I assume? Is the van towable in case you want to pull it behind the motorhome? Camping and traveling is fun no matter what you are staying in, from tent to motorhome.

    1. Pulling this van is not really an option.
      Most of the camping will be done out of the van & some of it may be stealth camping. The tent it there in case we need to claim a spot for a longer stay.
      If I end up doing a long stay like in Washington D.C. I may looking for a used travel trailer.
      Lot's of options....

  2. I got a 40 ft motorhome. I would like to downsize back to a van! According to my wife all we need is two pull along suitcases for the motel! ha ha ha Congrats on the new rig, enjoy every minute! Some of my best times rving was in a camper shell on the back of a pickup.

  3. Congratulations!!!

    I know you will be happy with your van option. You are so lucky to know how to do all this yourself.

    I so miss van camping but I hope to be able to get mine going hopefully this year.

    Have a great time!

    1. Thank you & good luck with your van!