What can you say about a flying pig?

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I was up early and thinking about breakfast, I remembered there is a little breakfast/lunch diner not far away.

I sat at the counter which was different for me and looked at the menu. I was leaning towards my standard breakfast (eggs, hash browns, toast & sausage) they I noticed what the guy next to me was having.
I was a large pile of food, filled the plate & looked like breakfast. I asked him what it was. "The works" he said, "and this is the half order" he added.
Hash brown potatoes, ham, green bell peppers, onions, cheese covered with country gravy, that's what I had.

 I walked away with food on the plate from that half order... and this is not even Texas!

Outside the diner I noticed the other three corners of the intersection had gas stations. Gas stations with very different prices and that struck me as different!

A pleasant walk back to my friends house and 5 minutes after I sat down it started to rain.

A good morning all in all.


  1. OK, you really went and done it now!! You have made me so hungry when I saw the picture of what you ate and the description of what it was. . . yum, yum. At first glance, I thought it was biscuits and gravy, my favorite meal.

    1. Biscuits & gravy is always good!