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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We moved after the first of the year, just 50 miles but with my job gone that puts us closer to where we have to be three times a week for another month.
Living in an RV means moving is not that hard.

The new place is really nice, we're right on a lake but the area is really different.
In western Washington state the area along I-5 is generally more 'built up' than the other areas.... There are a lot more people here than I'm used to.

We're in a new area and need to find a Walmart, we need a phone card you can only get at Walmart. I go to the GPS, it tells me 7miles & I push the "Go" button.
This Walmart is not close to the interstate... there are a lot of stop lights & there are a lot of people. We get to the Walmart and the lines are huge! Where did all these people come from?

There is a point to all of this, I can remember pulling into a strange town & wondering where the nearest big food store was. If it wasn't right on the main drag we had to hunt for it.  That was then.  Now I have GPS, I punch to button for "grocery store" and it points me too it.
Not just the Walmart but Winco & Trader Joe's too!

  But the GPS won't tell me where all of these people came from ...


  1. Your new home is in a very pretty location. The lake looks tranquil but because of its beauty perhaps that is why there is more people there?

    I am "technologically challenged" do not own or for that matter would know how to operate a GPS...I still do it the old fashion way...ask around :)

    1. Lot's of 'pretty' in this part of Washington, the "more" people here come from the increased business-jobs-opportunity along the I-5 corridor. The other night the lines in Walmart were HUGE!

      I remember driving into a fair sized town in Utah some years back (we were in the VW) and we were looking for a grocery store. We ended up stopping at a gas station to ask where one was, it was a few blocks off the main road.
      Today I punch the button that say "Grocery" and I'm offered what the machine considers 'grocery stores' starting with the closest.
      For me & my style of travel this is great technology!