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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Military Breakfast

I had to go in to the hospital to give some blood for lab work, I had to fast for the blood samples so I went in early, I miss my morning coffee.
The lab went quick & I went over to the Army's galley for breakfast. Galley is a naval service word, I was in the CG so that's the word I use, the Army Medical Center used a different term but it's still a military dining facility.
I really enjoy a good military breakfast.

It makes my mouth water just to look at it

Hashed brown potatoes with SOS on top, a couple over easy eggs on top of that, sausage on the side and coffee in a china mug.  Man, I does not get any better than that!
It's almost worth getting up early for that all by itself.

Another part of going to the lab early is they got the work done before my appointment with my doctor 3 hours later. Seems I'm in good health for a person of my age.

Oh ya, "SOS" is common derogatory slang term for 'creamed beef on toast'. I had mine on potatoes.


  1. I like food like that. Looks good to me.

  2. I am curious. What's that cost now days?

  3. Wow...only $2.60? You got a great deal! It sure looks mighty tasty :)

    Glad to hear your doctor's appointment went well and that you are in good health.

  4. I'm here from Rat's place. I showed that photo to my husband and he drooled. I love making SOS, and HE likes it done the way you had yours. (it even got his attention away from the television)

    1. Welcome! It still makes my mouth water when I look at the picture... Taters, sos & eggs is the only way to go!