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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Working still, kind of....

Life at the superstore has been interesting.
I was there for the Thanksgiving Day sales (started at 6pm) and for Black Friday. With so many 'deals' spread out between 6pm Thanksgiving Thursday and midnight Friday evening the sale was not what how I'd heard it was.

Now that layaway & the big sales are over things are slowing down.  My hours are shrinking away, with 12 hours scheduled over the next two weeks I have to admit that having to get up and drive to 'work' is not as much fun as just walking like when I was walking.
Last December in Santa Cruz

I drive to work, I see people, I watch how they buy stuff, I find the stuff they bought & give it to them. Most of what I see is very everyday.... it's like I was working again,
Last Dec again, it's just too gray here in Washington for a current photo

I'm looking forward to what ever it is that comes next for me.

Merry Christmas folks!


  1. Be glad you do not work at the Del Rio store. We only have one Super Store within a 60 miles radius. Being a border town you also get a LOT of customers from Ciudad Acuna and the interior of Mexico.

    Most Mexicans get two weeks off of work for the holidays starting today (Friday) so it is only going to get worst for the poor workers at the Super Store but it sure is going to make the store a lot of money.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Busy times during this season everywhere there is cash to be spent. Two weeks off in Mexico? That would be nice.
      I was reading about the spring holiday in China, it lasts about a week and is a big deal.

      I worked on the big shopping days this year. I wonder who doesn't get the holidays so someone is there to sell the stuff in those places where the time off is a week or two?

      It's two weeks in Mexico, a week in China & maybe four days in the US if the days fall right. Maybe just one day if the holiday is a Wednesday.
      Do you think Americans work too hard?