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Saturday, December 27, 2014

I'm retired again

Walmart formally let me go from my temporary job today. I worked from November 12th to December 23.

It was an interesting experience. I'd done things with the public over the years but I'd never run a register for 8 hours, new things are good!
It was not as bad as I expected, there were only four women who were rude & personally insulting out of the thousands of people I must have dealt with.

For the most part I worked in the photo department and dealt with layaway and site to store, just four days as a cashier up front.

The blog needed a picture & I saw a real phone booth today!

I did have four surprises. 

1) In the "site to store" you had to have a picture ID to pick up your stuff, I was amazed at the number of people who did not have an ID with them or could not find it.

2) "Site to store" & the buy it online then pick it up at the store was another surprise.
There are a lot of people who don't like shopping. They go on-line, select what they want, pay for it with a card then go pick it up, someone at the store goes up & down the aisles gathering what you bought.
This is going to get bigger.

3) Cash. There was a huge amount of cash in those registers! I really thought there was more commerce done via plastic money than the old fashioned fifty & hundred dollar bills.

4) Walmart itself.  So few people trying to do so much (remember the 'buy it online', somebody HAS to do their shopping), so many times touching a single product with no one buying it & how hard the managers ran around trying to make it all work (remember the 'buy it online").

I'm out of a job but I don't feel unemployed so I guess I'm retired again.


  1. I tried working for Wally World once long ago. I learned to mix paint, cut chain, drive the forklift and run a register and at the end of 90 days Got a nickel raise! Needless to say my employment lasted 90 1/2 days! ha ha ha ha ha Lots of hard working folks there trying to make ends meet and are struggling to get by while the Walton family is among the richest in the world! Necessary evil I suppose. Glad your experience was better than mine. Happy New Year if I don't get back by here before then! be safe.....

    1. I mixed paint at an auto parts store once & it didn't take long for my body to tell me I really didn't those paint fumes!

      I went in with no desire other than to give it a try and get a little money. When I have simple goals things are so much simpler!

      Thanks for the visit Mr. Rat!

  2. I like how you always take the positive side of things. More should do that...myself included.

    Welcome back to retirement :)

    1. I have so much negative crap in my life already Ms Belinda that I HAVE to reach for the positive! :-)

      Thank you for the welcome!!

  3. Hey Rob...I get in the mood to work every once in awhile so I take a nap to get over it !! LOL..