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Thursday, November 27, 2014


I did find a job, it's temporary with a very large big box retailer for a bit above minimum wage.
It is close to where I live and that is important, I'm not into long commutes anymore, I was spoiled by workcamping.

Do I really want to do this? Why not?

After I said 'yes' I did receive some other offers for a little bit more money but they were farther away... and I'd already said yes.

I spent two days learning to be a cashier and then moved into the Christmas layaway/photo area.

The actual labor is not bad, most everyone is pleasant, it is a friendly place, once I was finished with cashier training it's been mostly different tasks and it's gas money in the bank.
This area is the most expensive we've stayed in since we left two years ago so the gas money is important.

When I got paid that first time it had been four months since I'd been paid for work I'd done. It was not much money but it felt good!

Tonight will be my first Black Friday, this ought to be different.

On the other hand I'm already tired of the Christmas ads..
From the music to the car companies giving kick-backs it's going to be a long month ...

Gulf Coast sun rise
Santa Cruz sunset

A Hawaiian sunset

Desert sunset
The sun sinking into the Pacific ocean


 I really needed a picture or two and I'm a sucker for sunsets.


  1. I am happy that you are happy at your new job. Do not envy you when it comes to working on Black Friday especially if it is where I think you are working.

    Hope you make a post of your experience on this day. I love sunset pictures as well, yours are lovely!

  2. Thanks for the visit!
    Black Friday was not that bad where I was. 'They' spread it out starting at 6pm Thanksgiving then another at 8pm and so on.