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Friday, November 14, 2014

Shorts and flip flops

I woke up at 3am to pee and there was no water.... cold enough to freeze the water hose to the RV.
Not a water problem as we have an internal tank and pump and it will warm up come daylight but that is the 1st time this season
It's not shorts and flip flop weather!

Last year in Rockport TX we did not have this problem but it was not shorts and flipflop weather either

Were do I need to go to get to where the climate fits my clothes? I looked at the temperature chart.

14 Nov 2014, 0715 PST

The Florida Keys! I'm 3500 miles away from shorts and sandals....maybe next month....where did I put my socks?


  1. It sure is uncommonly cold here in East Texas. We live about 35 miles north of Houston. Kind of caught us by surprise, but I like the cool days but the night

  2. Last year we were in Rockport and didn't have the bad weather they got just north of us, I think even Victoria got ice...