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Friday, November 21, 2014


An odd thing just happened, my wife received a call from the IRS on her cell phone.

We put it on speaker phone.

It seems she had been defrauding them and they were coming to arrest her, seize all her assets, freeze bank accounts and the local sheriff was to be involved. They were going to tell her work about it too.
The guy had an accent that I thought was Indian and wanted to know the name and phone number of her criminal attorney.

When I asked for his number so I could call him back he hung up.

Just the other day I'd heard about this on the radio news/traffic channel and a quick search found this from back in March


With these modern phones the number calling shows up, 202-800-7363 is what showed up on her phone.

I needed a picture and liked this one

 Very Odd.


  1. For a long time I only answer the phone calls if the caller ID shows they are in my address book. I let the phone ring and never answer those numbers that are not recognized. I then go to a site "whitepages dot com" and type in the number. A lot of time there are a lot of comments from people that have either called back or answered the first call. I then add that number to a contact I set up called "Scam". So when they keep calling back that is what will show up on my caller id. They will call back over and over for a couple of days and then stop.

    1. I generally wait for the message from unknown or blocked numbers but this was my wife's phone.
      I usually just go to google with the phone number, I'll try & remember 'whitepages for next time, thanks!

  2. I hate those callers but I bet they hate caller I.D. even more.

    1. Caller ID did do a number on the prank calls ....
      Then again does anyone under 50 even know what "Prince Albert" is/was?

      The joke was you called a drug store and asked "do you have Prince Albert in a can? (a brand of pipe tobacco), when they said 'yes' you said 'Then let him out!"

      I made a reference to "McHales's Navy" the other day, when I saw the blank look I had to ask if she's ever heard of it... she had not. A TV show 62-66....

  3. Glad you did not fall prey to these scoundrels!

    I am not going to reveal my age but I had no idea that Prince Albert was a brand of tobacco...then again I don't smoke.

  4. Do you remember hearing about the prank? How about "is your refrigerator running? Than you'd better catch it!"

    It's good to see you on-line again.