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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Parking Lots and the Forest

I was sitting in a hospital room on the 7th floor looking out the window, there is a lot of sitting around in a hospital that seems to be the nature of hospitals.
I was being company.

Looking out the window I was watching people look for a parking place. I'd done that in that very parking lot just the day before, I ended up going to the other side of the hospital and walking back.

Where is the empty spot? That's always the question

You have to imagine me sitting up there, a good distance away hollering "No, no! One more aisle & there is a spot! Don't give up yet". I was just trying to help.
They left, my wife asked me what I was talking about & then I entertained myself for a while longer with the parking lot but I did it quietly. Parking lots are a big part of society.
I was not able to think of a better way to find a parking spot in a lot like that.

We have a lot of forest here in western Washington & they are regularly harvested, clear cut areas and growing back areas are just what you see. But... I don't ever recall seeing this much stuff in piles with a tarp on the top before.

A tarp on top

There were a bunch of piles

It gets cut down, it gets replanted and eventually it grows tall enough to hide the mountains. When it's enough the cycle starts again.

10 years ago we were wondering if this was going to be replanted

Forests and parking lots are part of life in this part of the Pacific northwest.


  1. While I was living in SE Washington, I noticed that poplar trees were grown like corn and cotton as a cash crop by the paper companies. It was nice to see them plant in plots that alternated in a manner that let the wildlife critters migrate around and have a good place to live.

  2. Clear cutting is a scar on the Earth, but it is the most efficient way for the lumber companies to manage the trees. I prefer my forests' to be wild and random, not planted in rows.