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Monday, November 3, 2014

Looking for a job

I'm sitting here waiting ...

Watching TV, watching movies, reading The Dresden files & the W.E.B. Griffin books. I really need a job.

Since we left to full time there was that few months getting to Quartzsite. Hanging out in Quartzsite then going to Iowa for the first season at the amusement park.

Not much time spent 'not working'.

That winter it was workcamping in Texas then back to Iowa for the second season at the amusement park.  Lot's of time off but I was working.

I'm paying rent here so I'm not saving gas money, a job is needed. I'm looking for gas money, I'm looking for people to react with, I'm not looking for a career.

I'm not looking at unloading overseas containers & shrink wrapping pallets either.

I am NOT in Rockport Texas or the Des Moines area any more. I'm not where the "Help Wanted' signs were plentiful! I'm not in those areas of the south west (I drove through) that has all the drilling going on and "Help Wanted" banners are all over the place.

I'm picky too, I want a job that is no further than it has to be. The workcamping commute has spoiled me ... but my home has wheels,  if I need to move for a 'good' job.

I have put in a lot of applications and talked to more than a few people doing this job search and one thing has jumped out at me.

Everybody asks for a passport as the 'single' ID they will take. No insistence, it's just mentioned.

They will take my social security card & my drivers license or my retired military ID (almost reluctantly) so pulling out the passport has not been necessary.

The last time I went looking for a job passports were not even mentioned. Things change... and it seems I don't goof off very well yet....


  1. I do not even have a passport so I guess I will have to skip working and go fishing. HE HE HE

  2. November 4, 2014
    There is “gate guarding” south of San Antonio.


  3. I have thought about that but right now we are here and that part of Texas is a couple of thousand miles away. Maybe next year!