A Padre Island sunrise

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back in Washington

We're back in Washington to do some medical things, have been here for over a month. My dermatologist visit went well & that is the one I was concerned about.

It's a bit of the drive to the doctors, the shorter way is over a bridge with a $5.50 toll & the other way adds 6 minutes.

Time vs money, it's the old argument!  I have more time than money....

I added the 6 minutes on the trip down & went over the bridge for free on the way back.

A cow of a different color


"Cheap" gas

The Olympic mountains (viewed from the east)

There is a lot to see on the drive to Tacoma & back but it's hard to take a picture when you're driving.


  1. Glad your medical appointment went well. It is always good to get a clean bill of health.

    For being way up there your gasoline prices are not too bad.

  2. Thank you, I am really happy the dermatologist didn't find anything!

    For out here the gas prices are really good right now, I just took a look at the gasbuddy.com web site and prices are down all over, under $3 a gallon in Rockport...

  3. Just to let you know I enjoy your blog. I try to keep my fingers quiet so as to NOT prove how dumb I am.