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Monday, September 22, 2014

Displaced by technology

I was on my bike and rode by an empty phone booth hanging on a wall, I stopped and thought about it.

It has been a long time since I saw a phone booth with a phone in it. If I did I'd check it for change!

For years the example I'd heard for technology displacing a profession was "buggy whip maker".

I'd never actually seen a buggy whip but there are 175 results with that as a search term on eBay so they are still around.

Even more results when I tried "phone booth" but I can still find phone booths all over the place.

I wonder what will be next?

I just saw the next thing!
Grub Hub, "order your food on-line and never have to talk to another human again"


This blog is set to publish later.... I had to come back and add this part.

I saw the empty phone booth & thought about that and the buggy whip, that lead to what I wrote here. Then I found this blog.

Dr Jerry Pournelle is writer whom I'd read & enjoyed over the years, he's writing this.


I'm looking at empty phone booths & thinking of buggy whips. This guy is talking about robots taking people's jobs, "more than 45% withing ten years".

45% of the jobs gone to robots? Maybe it's time to learn to fix robots...


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  2. I had too many typo errors in the comment. Let me try again. Some one has to build the robots and preform maintenance on them, at least for the first generation of robots, after that, they can build their own second generation and beyond. . it is going to be a strange new world. . . Now wait a minute. Didn't people worry that the "automated production line" would put all workers out of a job?

    1. You do have a point with past automation worries.

  3. Quest huh?

    I rode the light, it was a rough ride!


  4. Technology has displaced the old phone booths and the house land line telephone :(

    I was going to do a post similar to yours but it was of a pay phone that actually works. Then I started to have problems with my computer and nixed the idea. Seems we are on the same wave length.