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Friday, July 4, 2014

My Friday the 4th of July

I was out early with a drive to Newton Iowa, as drove thru town I was slowed by the people showing up for the parade.
It was both parade participants & audience out there.
Again I had forgotten what a small town 4th of July could be... I remember being in the 4th of July parade as a Cub Scout & later as a Boy Scout.

I really have to rethink my work schedule.

Today is a car day if nothing else!
A Model "T" pulling into the gas station, muscle cars passing me on the interstate, old cars that have been hot rodded pulling small matching trailers and a couple of antique cars on trailers. All on their way to somewhere to spend their 4th of July.

Driving thru my 'neighborhood' (an RV park) I did notice how much things had changed. Little kids everywhere, riding bikes, scooters & wrestling on the lawn. People at their picnic tables with milk & cereal, others with a pot of coffee talking and watching me drive by. Folks packed up & on their way to the amusement park for a day on the water, a ride or eight & all the amusement park food you could imagine.

The sounds of this place are the same, people screaming with joy and they hang upside down & spin around comes from the park. Towards the afternoon it's the smell if wood fires & things cooking over fire of all types.
All the time this weekend is the sound of families.
Small ones & the huge groups of an extended family all make the same 'sort' of noise.

Amusement park food!
When I arrived I here this year my first thought was of a funnel cake.
I've had a "funnel cake" my first trip in the park as a guest, my next trip was for a "foot long corndog". I have a "Gyro" & a deep fried onion still on my list, plus someone told me the sweet potato puffs where worth the trip...

My 4th will be spent helping people have fun...
So if you happen to be in Altoona Iowa and run into a guy who says "Welcome-to-north-sky!

Say hello if you can get a word in...



  1. You are braver than me...I decided to stay home. Happy 4th of July.

  2. My travels were early in the day.