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Friday, July 11, 2014

Human nature I guess....

I work in a very public job, with new 'public' people every few minutes in front of me. My co-workers come mostly from the front end of the job world and the back end, 15-16 year olds & 65-75 year olds.

The public comes to have fun, my co-workers are here for the fun & 'you need to do something' or it's a first job.  I have turned into a professional tee shirt reader!

Sunset, January 1st 2013

I have noticed a few things doing this...
There are a certain number of the public who just ignore you. You say "hello, how you doing?" and they walk by as if are just not there. It bothered me at first but I now realize that's how some people just are.

Some people LOVE the rules, this mostly shows in my co-workers, both the young and the old.  Shoes & shirts are required to get on most rides and I have seen people loose it when someone tries to get off a ride without their flip-flops on.

'Live and let live' has worked well for me.

Camping on Padre Island Texas  

These pictures are there because I like them

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  1. You have a job where you get to observe different types of people in a fun environment but many of them do not act very friendly. Like you say...human nature.