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Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm in Iowa and they grow corn in Iowa.
Lot's of corn.   Corn everywhere.

Early June

You turn around and there is a vacant lot with corn growing on it ... or soy.

Mid June

Last year I asked one of the kids at work about the corn growing across the street from the amusement park.
She looked at me with a confused look in her eyes & explained that they grow corn one year and soy the next.
Her look said it was one of those facts that everybody just knew so why was I asking...

Mid July
The ears mid July

They are growing soy this year across the road. Soy is not nearly as photogenic as corn if you ask me.

The soy field
Soy up close

I'm in Iowa working at an amusement park 6 days a week.
I enjoy it but my observations don't get much past tee shirts, tattooed titties and the crops around me.

Maybe August will be better for subject matter ....

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