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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Lost $5...

Yesterday I had a five dollar bill in my pocket, today when I reached for it & it wasn't there.
My $5 was gone!

$5 isn't the end of the world, I still even have a ten dollar bill in my wallet.....

Why did I think of that missing five dollars all those times today?

Snagged a photo from the internet just in case you weren't sure

Odd had a minor loss like that sticks with me. 


  1. I think it sticks with you because it is a mystery how it escaped your pocket, when it happened, and where it is now.

  2. I am one of those people that rarely carry cash on them. For accounting purposes I use credit cards or checks, so if I actually lost cash no matter the amount I too would have it on my mind.

  3. I'm guessing I pulled something from my pocket & the $5 bill came with it. I should have put the bill in my wallet....-shrug- next time!