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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lifestyle choices

Our current lifestyle choice is a nomadic one, we live in an RV.
The plan (when we left) was to travel slowly, find a place & stay for awhile while the area was explored.
Then move on.

It hasn't worked out like that.  We traveled to Quartzsite Arizona, then spent two months there.

  When we left Quartzsite it was with the intention of arriving at our first workcamping job in Iowa a month later. 

Iowa RV park

We spent a season (6 months) working in Iowa then headed for the Gulf coast in Texas for another workcamping gig.

Rockport TX RV park

Six months later we were on our way back to Iowa to do it again.

Over the winter we did leave our RV & took a trip in the van.
I really thought the van trip would last 10 days or two weeks, we were gone for a month.
It was fun.

Van back open for cooking


Now here we are in Iowa working for another season.

I have a little better understanding now..
An RV as a home is needed, but an RV home can be stored while you flitter from one place to another.

A full sized van could be turned into a home away from home and tow an RV.


A motorhome could tow a small van that could be used for more than a trip to the grocery store.


  1. It certainly is a lifestyle choice and one I would love to take up. I am more inclined towards van conversions since I already own a van and because they are more stealth and cheaper than an RV.

    BTW thank you for the links you provided. Wish I could do something like that but alas I have no building skills or tools.

    1. There is a gathering of vandwellers in Quartzsite in the winter, it's called the RTR. I have read that at the RTR there are people with the tools & skills who have helped others fix up the inside of their vans.
      Just a thought.

    2. Good to know thanks for the tip.

  2. It's like a land-yacht, sailing the asphalt ocean! My wife is not a big fan of camping. :-(

    1. I have trouble calling living in our home camping, even if we are parked on a lake. Camping out of the van is camping... we did bring a tent with us too.