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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sea Shells

We've been looking for sea shells for a long time.

We lived by the beach in Pacifica California and I don't recall seeing sea shells there.  Just not a beach for shells

We lived by a beach in Hawaii (on Oahu) and there were not a lot of sea shells there. A good place to play but I don't recall shells.

Out at Ocean Shores Washington we used to find sea shells, they were mostly clams but from time to time we'd find something closer to what I'd call a 'traditional' sea shell.

Ocean Shores Washington
Not a 'clam shell' from Ocean Shores, WA

We looked when we were down in Santa Cruz Calif, not what I'd call 'traditional' sea shells. A lot of kelp. Nice beaches though!

Santa Cruz California

We were on Padre Island Texas not too long ago and it was exciting finding sea shells that were closer to traditional, heck they weren't all clam shells, it was fun! In some places there were a lot of baby shells but nothing of any size.

Padre Island Texas

Baby shells on Padre Island

We were just walking the beaches on Galveston Island (Texas) and by golly there were 'traditional' sea shells! Not complete shells but they looked like "sea shells' are supposed to look!

A beach on Galveston Island Texas
A couple of shells on Galveston island

 When I pulled out the shell book (we picked up when we were on Padre Is) to see what we found today I found that the shells are still small but they are looking a lot like 'traditional' sea shells.

This just shows the 'good' side of the shells but they look 'traditional'!

I watch the blog "I Love Shelling" <www.iloveshelling.com/blog/>
Someday we will make it down to the Sanibel Island (Florida) area and see what it looks like in a place where the sea shells are not only 'traditional' but there are a bunch of them!

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