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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Johnson Space Center

We made a day of it at the NASA- Johnson Space Center in Houston, it was great.

We started off with the tram ride, took 90 minutes and was worth every minute of it. We got to see the command center where the Apollo flights took place, where the moon landings were controlled. It was emotional for me, a lot happened in that room.

From the space station trainer to the prototype robots to the RV built for Mars to the building that holds a Saturn Rocket on display, it was all great! The building is a good sized building and the Saturn rocket is truly tremendous piece of hardware.

The movies, the moon rocks, the space suites ... it was a great day!

The Captsule

Inside, tight quarters

seating for 3

Mission Control
When he said "Houston", he was talking to Mission Control

They stepped off the Earth

The vault that hold the moon rocks

The exhibit where you can touch a moon rock

The moon rock is worn smooth

A rock

A good sized building

I've got to get to Washington DC!


This is REALLY big

In the Skylab display, this was looking 'up'
 Part of the tram tour was a walk thru the training center. They have the space station there and new things they are working on. Robots, an explorer for on Mars are a couple of them.
If you get towards the front of the tram you'll be towards the front of this part of the tour which only matters if you want hear the guide well while they talk of the new things.
A robot to the left and the Mars RV towards the back

The RV for exploring Mars

"Wow" Is all I can say about this day!

Astronaut training happens here

New space vehicles
Looking to the right

Looking left


  1. Looks like it has changed some since the last time I was there. I have been there for both pleasure and work. Did some (non-space) stuff for them. Got to see places where the general public doesn't get to go.

  2. I used to hunt rabbits with my archery gear on that land before it was purchased to become the Space Center.