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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Home, is sometimes where you are!

The wheel, Space Shot & the newest ride (going up)
When we drove up and I saw the Ferris wheel & the Space Shot ride from the distance I had the feeling of 'home'. If nothing else after 6 months here last year it was familiar.

 There is more than one type of familiar
pancakes cooking
Not all familiar things come across as 'home', but some do come close.

I'm sitting here looking out the window. I can see trees without leaves, green grass, predominantly white RVs (most are 5th wheels), the casino/horse track, the Ferris wheel, the entrance to the amusement park & Burger King.

Burger King before the leaves

Entrance to the park

Prairie Meadows Casino

The neighborhood

Within a month spring will be here, the trees will have leaves and this view will be gone for the most part.

The RV's will still be here, actually a lot more RVs will be showing up. During busy weeks the park does fill up

Seems like home.

We started out to travel & look around, we've ended up spending more time in RV parks working than traveling.

A different experience than I was  expecting, if this is like last year I'm a professional "tee" shirt watcher!

Next year!.... (I sound like a SeaHawk fan did ... for all those other years!)


  1. Definitively agree...sometimes home is where you are.

    Out of curiosity...did you park your RV in the same spot as last year or did you choose a different one?

    1. We went to a different spot, a little closer to work & a bathhouse, a little better afternoon shade. I'm not talking about a lot of distance, 300 feet maybe.
      We gave them our 3 choices for this year last year before we left.