A Padre Island sunrise

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heading North

It is April, the Adventureland RV park in Altoona Iowa is open for the workcampers.
We made the drive from a pleasant winter on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas back to the Mid-west. The park opens on the 26th.

So much of the country looks like other parts , with out the signs in the road it is hard to tell if you are in Texas or Oklahoma. Or Kansas even!



Coming up we went into the hills & forests of Texas, out of them into the grass, then back into the forest and out once more. Out of Canton TX we followed 19 to Hwy 69 &  all the way to Kansas City. A lot of grass & rolling hills following Hwy 69 up to Kansas City.

We spend the night at the Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK, a nice place & we had a good time. That was our first casino visit since we left Iowa last October.

We again are parked here in Iowa until October.

Just a little snow

It is sad watching the spring fade away on the trip north, from lush green grass and fully leafed out green trees to tress just staring to show a touch of green to trees that are still bare for the winter.

This year I did not see snow along the road but after about a week here a little showed up.

In some ways it's like coming home.


  1. Maybe you should have put off "going" home for another month or so.

    1. You got the should have waited part right!
      This is not home, we're here to work as workcampers at Adventureland in Altoona, IA.
      I did it last year & really enjoyed it so I came back to do it again. I'm working rides & it's fun. I'll deal with a little late spring...

  2. Glad you made it to Iowa safely.

    Can't say I envy the snow but I sure would like to enjoy Spring in the north where it lasts a little longer.

    1. I never really appreciated Spring until we moved to the mid-west. Northern Calif had 2 seasons & Hawaii had just one.