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Friday, April 11, 2014

1st Monday Trade Days

We went to Canton Texas for the First Monday Trade Days. Think of a giant flea market.

Stuff outdoors
Stuff indoors

As I understand it, way back the circuit judge came to town the 1st Monday of every month & people showed up in town for that. They did their trading at the same time, it became a habit

A sad use for serviceable tools

The weekend before the 1st Monday is when this goes on (starting that Thurs).

Used doors & other building things

It's big, there are all types of things for sale and a large number of corn dog stands.

There are clothes of all shapes, sizes & fabrics

If you're not a fan of flea markets or you really don't like crowds or corn dogs it's probably not for you.

This building was one of 3 that were side by side

If you like to look at stuff (or you are looking for "something") and people watching is recreation for you, this is the place!

Everything everywhere

For those of you who care about such things the 1st Monday Trade Days takes place in a dry county...

It runs Thursday thru Sunday with Saturday being a busy day.

I was asked for a photo of the Horny Toad, not a problem... it was hiding. I'd have put it as a comment but I couldn't figure out how to do that.
A iron horny toad from Canton, TX


  1. We have been there but it was a long time ago. The local flea market we go to on weekends is also quire large, Sunday being the day with the most vendors.

    1. I've gone to the Packwood WA sale but it's only 2 weekends a year (Memorial Day & Labor Day) and Sunday is the quietest day.
      I guess I really need to find a large, regular flea market around where I'm staying just so i can 'see' how it works.
      Thanks for the information!

  2. I used to love to go to flea markets when I lived in Houston. I think I outfitted my first apartment with everything from there.

    The flea markets in Del Rio aren't that great and they mostly sale old used stuff. The one in this post looks really nice. Did you buy anything?

  3. I bought some coffee, a small cast iron Horny Toad lizard, a custom made patch for the shoulder of my jacket ("Retired Coastie" & it's going to be mailed to me), a corn dog & a sausage on a stick.

    I'd been looking for a hornytoad for the last yr & half, not quite what I expected but it will do. The coffee was so-so but both the food-on-a-stick items were great!

    1. You bought a fair amount. Any chance you can post a picture of the cast iron horny toad?

    2. The horny toad is posted Ms Belinda, thank you for the suggestion!
      I should have thought of that...

    3. Thank you for posting the picture Rob. It looks a lot different than I had envisioned but it is nice just the same.

    4. I should have photographed it in the palm of my hand, it's only 3" long. Given some scale to it... Live & learn!
      When I was a kid I caught one, we were in San Luis Obispo in central Calif. I'd been looking in the dryer areas (AZ & TX) since we left but we are always there in the winter.
      This was a score! It doesn't do much but I don't have to feed it...lol!