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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Free Rent

It's about time to pack up  & move again.

We've been here for almost 6 months, I'm guessing it will take almost 2 weeks to slowly get back to Iowa where we will spend another 6 months working. 
Moving is not too bad when you're on the road every few days or every week or so, when you sit months at a time it becomes the chore that moving always is.

We are going back to Iowa for another season at Adventureland & the 6 months of almost 'free rent'. It's not just the 'free rent', I really enjoyed the work last year and this will be gas money for next year's travels.

I do have a few stops on the way north. I'd like to see some more beaches between Rockport & Galveston, The Houston Space Center & The First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas

We came down to southern Texas last October looking for a warm place to spend the winter. While looking I saw an ad for a workcamper & here were are!
It's been warm, friendly people, a quiet park and 'free rent'.

Home for the last 6 months

"Free Rent". The words "free rent" blind you, then they bind you....who wants to leave free rent?

We started out traveling then we spent some 'time' in nice location.... 2 months in Quartzsite. That was good.
Then came Adventureland (that first summer) and workcamping. I became mesmerized with workcamping ('free rent') & that brought me to this spot.

It's been fun but I think next year will be spent traveling.

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