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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What happened to the summer?

I was at work today, it's hot & a bit humid, the tree next to the Carousel was not in the right position for shade.

I had a water soak thingee around my neck but that was soon just warm but I did have a full brimmed hat so "I" had some shade.  

Then I noticed a tree next to me was dropping yellow leaves. Fall already?

I've already noticed it's dark by 9 o'clock & now the leaves have started changing... It's still July!
 What's happening, where has the summer gone?


In March were at the Big Bend National Park and took a walk on the nature trail not far from the camp ground. We saw all these animals that day.
That was 'Spring' & today is a summer day with the leaves changing color & falling... I can pretend!

One turtle

Three turtles

A bird flying

Javelina in the camp ground

A bird against the mountains

The bird a little closer

A bird a lot closer

A coyote on the road as we walked back to camp

Three Mexican horses getting water from the Rio Grande.

1 comment:

  1. Had never heard of leaves falling in July! We do not have that problem here in West Texas.

    Enjoyed your Big Bend National Park pictures.