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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Alamo

The Alamo

Over the years I've driven I-10 three times, I've driven past San Antonio Texas three times, I've driven past The Alamo three times. When I was thinking about things and places I wanted to see, at least not miss, the Alamo came up. I looked it up and saw that I had gone right by before and put it on my list along with the city it was in.
The Alamo, San Antonio Texas today

It is a shrine
Later I made a template for my copy of MS Streets & Trips that has the RV mileage (6 mpg), speeds (slower than normal) & driving times (9-3) on it. I added push pins for all the places on my "I really don't want to pass this by like I did The Alamo three times" list. It's more than the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde & Terlingua/Big Bend it's Pink's Hot Dogs in LA & a number of eating establishments I've seen on the tube (like the deep fried burgers- Dyer's Burgers, Memphis, TN).
The Alamo is on the list....

We were visiting family in Del Rio Texas and it was time to go. We had some time before we 'had' to be in Iowa for our first workcamping job (besides an obligation, free rent & electricity are a powerful draw!) and there were two things from the list I wanted to do in the general 'area' of where we were. I really wanted to spend some time on the beach down by Padre Island & see if i could find a silver coin from the Spanish treasure fleet that sank there in 1554 (plus I like the beach) and I wanted to see The Alamo. We just didn't have enough time to justify the fuel money for a short stay at the beach so we passed that up and set the GPS for The Alamo.
(With any luck we'll get down to the Padre Island area this winter, but that's a blog for a different day .)

It's tough to find a parking spot for a car 27 feet long, 8 foot wide and 10 foot high in that part of downtown San Antonio, not impossible, just tough.

Over the course of my years in the Coast Guard and on the internet I've become acquainted with a lot of people from Texas, they were generally a 'little' different. Not a bad thing, just something I noticed. After my visit to The Alamo I had a better understanding of the Texans I'd met over the years.

There is a lot more too it than this, they didn't allow photos in the main building so I didn't get any photos from in there and I am not touching on the how & why at all.
If you are interested I am sure a quick look on the internet will fill you in.

The Alamo was worth taking a look at.

This is the lay out during the battle

Different cannon on display


  1. The Alamo is definitively a good place to visit, lots of Texas history there.

    Where did you end up parking?

  2. A couple of blocks away, under the freeway in a parking lot with room. We parked, I paid for a spot and put the sticker on the window...