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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday's aren't so bad, it's your job that sucks

I saw that on a photo of graffiti on facebook, it's odd how you find those little things are so true..

I just finished an other weekend of working at an amusement park on the "rides". My job, it's all about people. Simple work, standing on my feet in the weather helping people get on (or off) a ride.
Amusement parks were about crowds & lines in my world, up till now.  The lines are for the most part not my problem, I see the crowds one person at a time or maybe in small groups now.

Most of the people I see are kids. The little ones have wonder or fear or determination on their faces, the middle schoolers (there have been a lot with organized trips) are busy interacting with each other. The parents, grand parents & other adults represent a wide range of behavior. It has been fun.

Another big part of what I do is the people I work with, people who in many cases are my neighbors in the RV park too.

Next weekend the park will be open 7 days a week and I'll start working 6 days a week ....

Not really much to say, I'm just tired of looking at those photos so I'll put a few up from the trip so far.

I like following roads... we took the VW bus from where 101 ends in Olympia Washington down to LA at exit 1E (or something like that, I'd have to find the photo).

That's why I took the photos of the beginning of I-10

The start or the end of I-10 in Santa Monica. I guess it depends on your personal view point.

The Santa Monica beach on New Years Day 2013
 When we make it to Jacksonville Florida I'm hoping the other end of I-10 is close to the Atlantic Ocean too.
I just looked, it's not  :-( 
But it is 2427 miles to Jacksonville where it turns into I-95 running north & south.
The west coast start of the I-10 Freeway

In Tombstone Arizona, the Bird Cage Theatre

 I did some research on Earp, Tombstone, the people who are him during this time. It was interesting.
The balcony, if you've seen the movie "Tombstone" with Kurt Russel this is the place

The stage
A "working" room

 The Bird Cage Theater fit in a lot better with the westerns I saw as a kid, it looked large enough.

After seeing the actual saloon where Wild Bill Hickok was killed in Deadwood South Dakota  I was disappointed by it's size. It was way smaller that those places were in the movies!

Tombstone rekindled my faith in the movies!
The sign outside the room


Alpine Texas from the west
Downtown Alpine

 I had an in-law that lived in Alpine 40 years ago and have heard many stories about it so I had to take a look.

My bike had 2 flats in the 2 days we stayed there, that equaled what I'd had in 2 months in Quartzsite.


  1. I enjoyed your photos. I specially liked the story of Sadie Jo and her two men :D

    Funny how a sheriff could be engaged to a prostitute...she must of been really good in bed. Too bad about Wyatt Earp's common law wife.

  2. After the Tombstone visit I spent an hour or so reading the history of the people & Tombstone. It was 'enlightening'.

    Boot hill was worth the visit, some history some sadness and a glimpse into the world back then. I paid for the tour/admittance to the musuem of the Bird Cage Theater and though it was well worth the money. I did not pay to see the OK Corral (it was fenced off and they wanted money just to look at it and see the show), everything else in Tombstone was just like the movie.

    We had poor weather, they were talking about snow & ice so we didn't stay as long as we will next visit.

  3. After reading your post last night I set out to find out more about Sadie Jo and read her biography...the one she invented and the real one.

    Read up on Wyatt Earp too. Seems like they really loved each other and stayed together till the end.

    I never watched the movie. Might do so if I ever catch it on TV.