A Padre Island sunrise

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I have to go to work today & other photos

The long road to Terlingua
The snow mostly gone with the rain we had last night. There was enough snow that the amusement park was closed yesterday but not today it seems so it's off to work I go.

It is odd working after taking time off, I have nothing to else to do really but that usually takes all day... Like I said, it's odd.

I go to this blog to see what's new on the blogs I follow and the snow pictures were depressing me  :-)

According to the weather guy on television last night it is supposed to warm up now, upper 60's today and in the 70's for the rest of his guess.
That would be nice.

Sun Rise

Is Area 51 real?

Is this the fabled Lost City Of Gold?

There is something about these Arizona mountains

A peak down by Big Bend NP

Our dog on the beach in Santa Cruz, what would a small picture collection be without a dog?

Somewhere in South Texas


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos with us...especially the first one!

  2. Some of those desert roads are great and I'm a sucker for palm trees...

  3. From BBs blog "I'm still looking for someplace for next winter. Someplace near the water that I can wear flip-flops & shorts most of the winter" and the answer is Zapata or Falcon Heights Texas. Check BB's blog for a lot of coverage of Falcon Heights. FH has free camping next door to the Falcon State Park.

  4. Thank you! I was following Billy Bob's adventures at the lake & actually did look it up while he was there. It looked like a place worth a visit.

    I know I said 'water' but I'm thinking more about salt water than a lake, I think it's the smell. I've lived by the ocean a number of times & places and a sea port town has a smell & 'feeling' that I never got when I lived by the Great Lakes.

  5. Then you are left with the crowded mad house called South Padre Island. If you can stand light nylon long pants and running shoes for a few days then Rockport/ Port Aransas is your place. Winter there is usually the first two weeks of Feb. Enjoy the severe corrosion of everything.

    1. The Rockport area keep coming up, thanks.
      The corrosion comes with the salt smell, can't be helped.