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Friday, November 10, 2017

Solar on the bench

Our new RV didn't have solar... so we bought some!

All the parts

Solar is magic, it really is. As long as the sun is shining, you have your lights, your water pump & your electronics going. 
Life is more comfortable with solar.

Two 170w panels off Amazon for $180 ea, an mppt solar controller, a remote read out for the controller too. Two mount  kits,  two "Y" cords, some 10g solar wire & several mc4 connectors (they were a good buy so I bought extras).

The batteries are already there and I already have a few tubes of Dicor self-leveling sealant on hand (shop around, it can be found locally). I was just out taking photos of the solar gear & realized I'll need some bigger wire too, for panels down to the controller, and controller to battery.

The pieces
That's $646 for a 340w system (plus the batteries)

Cable, $48
50 FT - 10 AWG Solar PV Multi-Conductor Tray Cable - 600V Type TC Cable

170w panels, $179
Newpowa 170W 170 Watt 12V Moncrystalline Solar Panel High Efficiency Mono Module

MC4 connectors, 5 pair pack for $5.18
ECO-WORTHY 5 Pairs MC4 Connector Male/Female Solar Panel Cable Connectors

Controller $149
SolarEpic 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100V input Tracer A Series 4210A With Display

Remote readout for the controller $30

SolarEpic MT-50 Remote Meter LCD Display fit for Tracer BN series MPPT Charge Controller NOT FIT FOR RENOGY & HQST MPPT

"Y" cable connectors $10ea (you only need this if you're doing more than one panel)
Signstek Y Branch MC4 Parallel Connector Adapter M/FF and F/MM

Panel mount kit $10
HQST Solar Panel Mounting Z Brackets with Nuts and Bolts -- 4 Sets of RV, Boat, Roof, Wall and other Off Gird Installation

The header picture... I got tired of looking at roads so I went to sun set/rise pictures, then I found this one again. I just like it!