Near White Sands National Monument in New Mexico

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Doing the Texas two sleep...

December ended and it was time for us to head towards Quartzsite, so we packed up and hit the road. 

We made it all the way, up to Cobb camp (by Lake City, FL) and spent a couple of nights.  We left just before the weather got real poor. So poor, in fact, that our friends were evacuated for a couple of days!

Cobb Camp by Lake City, Florida

I'd like to say that we are on the never-ending quest to wear shorts & flip-flops, but that is just not always so. I've had long pants on for a week now...

I have to admit that this is rushing things, but I really wanted to see Florida and I wanted to show my bride Quartzsite in January.  We didn't get either done last winter, so we rushed this part. 
With the car problem, we didn't get to see as much of Florida as I wanted. 
The Treasure coast has waited 50 years for me, it will wait a bit longer.

Northern Florida, then I-10 Westbound. A rest area in Mississippi, a very nice one ... I was impressed with the quality of the place. Even had an RV dump station!

The Escapees RV Club "mother park" in Livingston Texas was our next stop for a couple of days.  We had some business to take care of and it was another place with lots of friendly people. 

Then we stopped at a rest area in Texas and the next night we were out of Texas.  
Yes we spent an extra night in Livingston but that doesn't really  count on getting thru the HUGE state of Texas via I-10, we did it in two sleeps!

In New Mexico the White Sands National Monument and the free dispersed camping area were great. That was a spot I could see spending a few days at & exploring more.

The free dispersed camping area

Inside the White Sand dunes area 

A night at a rest stop in Arizona then continue to Quartzsite and arrive in the day.

Under $2, it had been awhile since I saw this

We found gas for under $2! 
I had to use a membership card to get the extra nickle off but it was under $2!

We arrived at Quartzsite!

In Quartzsite

Got settled in the first day, did some shopping in the tent area & went to visit some friends the second day.

I'd forgotten how good the mountains down here look!