Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Low lifes & other changes

The other day we had lunch at a restaurant in town. The restaurant was right next door to a small used car outlet for a bigger dealer, the place used to be a Sonic drive-in.
It's not a bad idea, a covered area to park a used car. 

A Maui sunset.  I'm talking about used car salesmen. This is better

We weren't looking for anything, It had just been a long time since I'd gone to a used car lot.

Clean cars, most were only a couple of years old but none had prices listed.

A Pacifica, CA sunset, look close at this one!

The sales guy came out and started talking... we asked about the prices & he said, "We don't list them because we have special prices for special people."

It all came back... I remembered back in the last century, used car dealers were "not highly regarded".  Since then, many professions have joined the ranks of "not highly regarded"... like politicians and assorted bureaucrats.

I do remember my first real visit to a used car lot.

It was good to see that used car dealers hadn't changed since the last time I saw one.  

I keep recalling the term 'scum of the earth.'

Sunrise from Padre Island,TX is a nice way to end a talk about used car salesmen

I needed pictures, what's a blog without pictures? After a blog talking about used car salesmen I needed good pictures!

Sunrises & sunsets are always worth the time!