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Monday, April 24, 2017

How my thinking works...

I was in Lowes looking for a piece of wood to build a spice rack.   

A small rack,  just enough room for the spices I like to grab when I'm cooking.

I found the wood I wanted, it was being sold as lattice. 
$7+ for an eight foot long piece of inch and a half by 1/8th".  
Wow, spendy I thought...

As I was heading towards the check out stand I walked by the dimensional lumber. An eight foot long select 2x6 is only $6. 


That got me thinking about the really nice Delta table saw I walked by on my way to the wood...

With that $600 table saw I could cut a lot of 1/8th" strips out of a $6 piece of wood even with a 1/8th" blade kerf!  

Hmmm.. a $600 table saw will save me a bunch if I need lattice. 

Of course then I'd need a place to keep the table saw...  
Lowes sells sheds!

With my thinking this is all reasonable!

In the end I bought the piece of lattice.


  1. Oh shucks!!! You had the best excuse in the world to get all those things that you really, really need, right? Now I suppose you are kicking yourself for not getting them???

    1. In my life there is always the next check! I'll bet Lowes still has the stuff or they can get more :-)

  2. congratulations on pulling yourself away from the teat of consumerism! A valuable life lesson I am still working on is just because you can afford it doesn't mean you have to have it! I have cut a lot of lumber with my cheap 140 dollar Skil table saw! When I'm not using it, I stick it under the work bench and cover it with an old shower curtain. My mrs. told me when you start shopping for sheds it's time to get rid of some "stuff".ha ha ha good post!

    1. My last table saw a used Craftsman, big table and cheap to buy.

  3. When it's time to build a shed that will be the time to talk myself into a tablesaw :-)
    I can do it if anyone can!!