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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall is here

I'm sitting here in northern Georgia, it's late morning the middle of September. I'm outside under cover, clear skies, in the mid 80's having my morning coffee & reading the comics.

A leaf fluttered down next to my computer, it's a shade of yellow & a lot like the others on the ground around me. An up close & personal reminder of what time of the year it is.

During my tour in Chicagoland (CGAS Chicago, 1990-1995) I discovered Tom Skilling, the weather man at WGN TV. He  was  good! When we moved up to Minnesota & got Directv I'd watch his weather forecast just to see what was happening in my area, he was that good.
He said that meteoritical seasons were different than the calendar seasons,  Fall was Sept-Oct-Nov.

It is Fall, the trees seems to know it no matter what the outside temps are as I was reminded this morning..

I'm a west coast boy, besides the ocean smells, there is the wet & the dry seasons... unless you're in Hawaii. There the seasons are hard to pick out.

Then came my 13 year vacation in the upper mid-west, a 4 seasons climate and Fall takes on a special meaning. The nice weather is about done.
Fall means long pants, it means shoes AND socks. Sweat shirts, jackets & maybe even a knit cap.

My friends here tell me that winter is coming, I'll have to "get some winter clothes", "get a coat", "it gets cold".  I'm really not too sure it's any worse than what I had in western WA for that part of the wet season but I'm paying attention.  I went to weatherbase.com and took at look at what to expect here.

Besides I still have long pants, sweatshirts, sox, knit cap & a warm jacket. I needed all those last winter (that's what happens right AFTER fall) in Arizona for a day or two.

That leaf that landed on my computer this morning was a reminder to me that winter is coming. FWIW I plan one being in Quartzsite Arizona in January.

Ok, I went camping up in Tennessee the last few days. It wasn't fall by any stretch 30 miles north! No leaves drifting down, just warm & a touch humid... until the last day when the morning went to the low 60's.
Tumbling Creek, it's just over the Georgia/Tennessee border in the Cherokee National Forest.

Our Tumbling Creek, TN camp

Camped with some of the SE GTG people, Cuzzen Dick, & Rae. Leonard with his 40' converted schoolie showed up on his way to North Dakota for the sugar beet harvest. A friend from Ellijay came up too.

Leonard's fine home, he has a jacuzzi bath tub in there! 

It was a good time!!

There is going to be the fall SE GTG here come Oct 8th, it will last a couple of weeks... just sayin.


  1. You are living the life most people envy. Freedom without restrains and a good woman.
    Best wishes
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder why it replies twice? This is not the first time this has happened.

  3. As a nomad, in a 5-week period I left the monsoon season behind in AZ, drove through a snow/ice storm as I left WY, and am now back in AZ with high winds crashing leaves into my van that sounds like rain. "Fall" indeed. :)) See you in Q.

  4. Nice photos. It does sound like a great time! :)