A Padre Island sunrise

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Desert lessons

Desert lessons. I took a hike in the desert & learned some desert lessons.
Crystal Hill, KofA Wildlife area Quartzsite Arizona

View from Crystal Hill

Pliers. Walking in the desert you need pliers. Water too but everyone thinks of water...

Gerber pocket tool closed

The need for Pliers is only evident AFTER you brush up against a cactus.


Grab the barbed spine close to the skin & a heavy steady pull to pull it out.
Tweezers would not work, I had to pull hard.

Cactus attached to leg, I needed the pliers
Cactus, again it was pliers time

A small tissue packet could come in handy too, you never know when you'll really need some tp... A walking stick is a lot of help going up and down the steep hills, it's good for turning small rocks over pushing things you wouldn't want too close to you away.

A VERY valuable tool opened

A $2 walking stick from the Goodwill
A bed a quartz crystal up on the hill

There are some nice rocks & fine views to be had!


  1. Welcome to the marvels of desert hiking. Don't worry there is plenty more marvels to experience.

    1. I was REALLY glad I had pliers with me...

  2. jumping cholla, right?

    I worked in that desert west of Salome in 80; I liked it.


  3. I swear that some of those cacti have poison on the tips of the needles since they hurt so bad.

  4. Ehrenberg Az is my old stomping grounds. Used to have a shack out in the desert we went to on the weekends. Mining claim. Never found any valuable minerals but drank a lot of beer and had some good times.

    1. Sounds like you found some good memories too!

  5. This is the perfect time for a hike in the desert...before the snakes come out :(

    Nice pictures.