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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Laundry day!

Laundry is one of those things I don't really like "having" to do but I don't mind actually doing it, once I get started.

If I want clean clothes ...

Washer, 1 EA

Laundry seems like a silly thing to get excited about doesn't it? This is in Quartzsite Arizona.


This time I found the bag with my laundry soap, quarters & dryer sheets.

Double load washer, $2.50. Two dryers - three quarters each, and one more quarter later. I prefer the laundromats that take quarters over the ones you buy time on a card.

I used 2 driers

$7 for a shower, money well spent!  (This is the exciting part of this blog!!)
The $7 shower sign

The shower is clean, they have a clean towel & wash cloth, a tiny bar of soap and a bottle of baby shampoo... I use my soap & shampoo

 I'm vandwelling, wet wipes are my friend. I do have a rechargeable pump you set in a bucket with a long hose & a spray head that works ok, it's just not the same thing as a hot shower.

All you need!


  1. did you get that VW camper you was looking for ? Ive been waiting for pictures on your blog. If not hope you find one. I was hoping they made a cap like the one Glen is installing on his VW spaceship (he calls it)for a Caravan. That is all the room I need, just need the vertical height also.

    1. No VW yet, I'll just have to wait & see how it goes.. In the middle of January at Lake Havasu City there will be Buses By The Bridge, the last time I went there were 350 VW buses camped there for the weekend.
      I plan to go again this year.
      Without a VW I can't camp inside but other makes can stay in the parking lot.

      This van uses too much oil, I'm going to have to get something else. Maybe I'll find something at BBtB?

  2. I do not like to do laundry but once started I am like you...I don't mind it.

    I thought the showers in Lajitas, Texas were expensive at $5.00 but $7.00 is a little high for me. Yet, nothing beats a nice hot shower with an unlimited water supply!

    Hope you soon find the VW van you have been looking for.

  3. that header pic of the pup in the desert sure has me wishing for a drier place to be. Feb 1, the rolling day, will not get here quick enough.