A Padre Island sunrise

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Portland sign

I'm not a city person, never have been. Suburbs & the Pacific ocean for most of my life except a 13 year vacation in the upper mid-west. The last few weeks I've been in the Portland area, still in a suburb but I have actually gone into Portland 'just for fun' several times.

Heck of a public transportation system!

Back packs are the thing & cars2go (smart cars) are everywhere
Two Cars2go

Another Car2go parked around the corner

Bikes, personal shopping carts & dogs on the train. Is it really a train? It's powered by overhead electric lines, runs on tracks and stops at stations.... the computer voice does not say "all aboarrrrrd!"

Beggars, more than I'm used to. My friend said the saying is "Portland is where the 18 year olds go to retire", sometimes it looks like that....

Street people on bicycles & cops on horseback 

They have a fine Saturday market, I have not been to it this year yet, I was doing something else or it was raining. Shopping I can do in the rain, browsing requires good weather.

Saturday Market sign
This by where the Sat market happens

Food carts, taco trucks... there are all kinds of names for them. They have places to gather

A food truck court, one of many
MMMMM good!
Living on the Willamette river
The other side

Downtown power
Cherry blossoms
Esplanade? I though that was a Spanish word
Segways on the esplanade, LOTs of runners too

Bridges are for walking too

More bridges
In the park along the Willamette river

RV's parked in the back yard

Mount Hood

I'm hoping to be back on the road next month. The plan is to be a tourist rather than a worker... we'll see


  1. That may be a nice city and all, but it is still a city and I try to stay out of them. I have been a country boy since I was born and always will be. Thanks for the post, anyway. It gives me a peek at where the city people live.

    1. I've stayed away from cities unless I had a reason to go there, this time was different.
      I went to just walk around and stare at the stuff & the people, a different kind of entertainment for me!
      Part of what I'm doing really should be different.
      Thanks for visiting!