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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wholesale food stores

I was driving by and thought I'd stop at 'Cash and Carry', a wholesale food outlet. Back when we were dealing with the kids any wholesale food store was a worthwhile place. Plus this is the only place I can find the brand of microwave burritos I like.

There are so many different things in a food outlet like this.

I really can't use a 50 pound box of Krusteaz pancake mix anymore or a 50 pound bag of flour... I really don't need a 50 pound bag of anything!

I have to really reach to find a use for a #10 can of anything either, but sometimes I just have to.

Potatoes & burritos, that's shopping!

Then I saw those 50 lb bags of Baking Potatoes, a bag was less than $6.
Big potatoes too!

 There is a lot to be said for a BIG baked potato.

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