A Padre Island sunrise

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Camping- Belfair State Park, WA

Went camping at Belfair State Park, WA with 3 of our kids and 6 grandkids, we had a good time.

Two camp sites, four tents and a fire going most of the day. Hot dogs & sausages are best cooked over flames

This place is at the far end of the Hood Canal, the water was almost warm when I walked into it. There was a creek too.

Like all Washington state parks that I have seen there was a fee for the showers
This one gave you around 3 minutes for a token.

 You could get to this shower without a campsite.

The token machine was attached to the fee booth.

 Talking about fees, two daughters rented the camping spots we just had to pay $10 a night as an "extra car" fee

    The park is a good sized place, RV sites & tents were mixed together in some parts & others were just too small for, the sign said "No trailers over 18' "
Camping right next to the moving water is always a plus.

Not our camp this time

The creek leaving the campground

The creek entering the Hood Canal
Hood Canal

Hood Canal runs into Puget Sound which goes into the Pacific Ocean, so you could go from here to Hawaii with the right equipment. 
It's good to dream!

 I had a good time.


  1. Looks like a great place to camp and enjoy nature.

  2. Like MsB said. It is a nice place for family camping.

  3. Looks like a nice way to go. Just eight years and three months until I'm retired and hitting the road full-time in my own RV. Can't wait.

    1. Eight years is a long time BUT the transition to full time took longer than I thought.
      The hard part was getting rid of stuff...

    2. I know it's a ways off yet, but I've been planning it for a lot longer. And I've been paring stuff down for a while. Other than clothes and some furniture that won't be missed, all I have to worry about is a couple thousand books and far too many firearms, but they can go into storage and I'll visit them every now and again.