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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Missouri and grits for breakfast

I was sitting in a restaurant in Missouri waiting for breakfast, I don't recall seeing grits on the menu.  
I've long thought you'd know you were in the 'south' when grits came with breakfast without being asked, I'm paying attention to this stuff while I travel!
But like I said I don't recall even seeing grits mentioned.

That started me thinking about Missouri, some of it's history and it's relationship to 'the south'.
I had to look it up, I have a computer in my pocket, (it's called a phone) so I used that to look up the history in wikipedia.

Missouri is an old place. 
I'm a west coast kid, things from the 1700's are different enough to get my attention, I was really impressed on my first trip to NC and I saw things dated from the 1600's! That makes Missouri 'old' in my book.
The "Missouri Comprise" in 1820 & statehood in 1821, as a slave state.....
Settled by people up from the south and from back east (German immigrants) led to troubled times in the years leading up to the civil war. The state did not succeed from the Union but they tried to.

Rolling hills covered in prairie grass & trees, nice country (it was like that all the way thru Kansas too). We spent the night at a rest area just inside Missouri on I-35. (I had to find the relay for the electric fuel pump, I hate "having" to do stuff like that).
The next night we stayed at Clinton State Park in Lawrence Kansas. I had to read up on the history of Lawrence, the town was started by an eastern company that went out and started towns! Definitely different times. 
For me, Lawrence's claim to fame was that Quantrill came up from Missiouri to sack and burn the town during the war.

Clinton State Park was a nice place too, unusual bathhouse.

The bath house from the outside

The shower viewed from inside the bath house!

Not much camping here in the winter is my guess...

Had to pull out the Audubon Handbook (eastern trees) & look this one up..Horse Apple


  1. I love reading about towns and their history. Guess it is easier now that smart phones are around and you don't have to drag your computer along.

    Glad you are having an enjoyable trip on your way South.

  2. Thank you for the comment! We made it to Rockport!
    Gas was from $2.98 to $3.40... $3.04 just down the way