A Padre Island sunrise

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Last Friday!

I'm a sucker for VW buses & good signs, this has both!

My workcamping job is going from 7 days a week with it's 6 day work week to just weekends.

Come Monday I don't have to go to work until Saturday, it's been a long 3 months of 6 day work weeks...

I'm looking forward to this forced unpaid vacation.

This 2 day work week will last until the end of September then we are done. I'm ready!

We still have to decide what to do next .... 
That's a good problem to have....

Down by Santa Cruz

 A December sunset not too far south of  Santa Cruz California


  1. I love VW buses too! Those pictures of the sunset in Santa Cruz are beautiful.

    Enjoy your forced unpaid vacation :)

    1. Back to being retired 5 days a week !

  2. I said Happy Last Friday yesterday....as it was my last Friday off due to the government sequestration. I got use to having that Friday off and only shows me that I am ready to retire.

    1. "Time" is one of those things that can be more important than money.
      When you get used to not having that day's pay AND used to having a day to live however you'd like to the real value of "time" becomes a lot clearer.

      Readjust your expectations and you may be surprised with what you have.

      There are people working here who are going to leave in Oct & work at Amazon until Christmas then give themselves a big chunk of "time" just to live...

  3. "We still have to decide what to do next"
    May I suggest a thought-----meander.