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Friday, July 12, 2013

Workcamping as a way of life

There are a great many things over the last 3 months that are 'new' to me with this workcamping stuff.

The number of people workcamping here, (well over one hundred), the older people who have been doing this for years & years. The guests in the lines, on the rides and as they leave the rides (their actions & behaviors) & the rides themselves ... all new & different. The support the amusement park gives to the workcampers too.


What surprised me the most was the people who were doing this as "what they do". Workcamping as a way of life.. I did not realize that there were so many nomads traveling from one seasonal job to another.   It's not all of the workcampers or even a good percentage but there are enough.  There is no reason I should have known this, it's all new to me.


My Dad had one job/company from when he was 16 until he died in his 50's. Past the assorted college jobs I had 20+ years in the CG and 2 other jobs that I stayed with, in one place until there was a really good reason to leave. Now I'm meeting people who work here for 6 months or there for however long that the gig lasts, this is their life. A lot of people are going to Amazon after this but they can run rides, cook food, sell tickets, clean bathrooms or pick orders as the job requires.

Their home, like mine has wheels but unlike me with a retirement income this job is it. Totally different from what I'd experienced before. I came here to an amusement park looking "for something different" and I found it ... in more ways than I expected.


  1. I had never heard of "workcamping" until I started following van and RV blogs.

    Guess there are a lot of folks that enjoy traveling and staying in one place for a while while earning some money and then move on to another workcamping location.

    Only downside from what I have read is that most places prefer to hire a couple over a single person.

  2. I'm at an amusement park and there are a number of single workcampers here. I believe Amazon does not need couples nor do some other jobs.
    Some of the camp host and gate guard positions require a couple (as I understand it).
    This is my first workcamping job so I have a lot to learn!